It's A Sign Of The Times

by The Same Boat



The time has come to organise and prepare
The bellwether indicates a change in the air
Dynamic new ideas are everywhere
Of what the future might bring to bear
The old ways have become obsolete
And the youth are voting with their feet
It’s a sign of changing times
Open your eyes and just look around
They’ve driven this old workhorse into the ground
They crossed the line one too many times

Sharpen the pitchforks and guillotines
We need to amputate the limb to prevent gangrene
The virus needs a strong vaccine
It’s a global emergency
Overhead the vultures are waiting to feast
On the rotting flesh of the dying beast
It’s a sign, a sign of the times
Now there’s a price that must be paid
The day of reckoning has merely been delayed
They crossed line way too many times

The sleeping giant’s beginning to stir
A changing of the guard is about to occur
Critical mass has been reached
And their last lines of defense have nearly been breached
So pack the PlayStations away
Now we’re gonna do things in a better way
They crossed the line for the last time
You only reap what you sow
They can’t play dumb and say they didn’t know
Now it’s time to make things right


released August 21, 2016



all rights reserved


The Same Boat Melbourne, Australia

"The Same Boat" play an energetic, uplifting and inspiring mix
that's sure to have an affect on both feet and mind!

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